Metro Printers is owned by 4th generation printer, Mike Kyer

When founded in the 1970’s, Metro Printers (then Dominion Printers) was a small print shop in the heart of downtown Vancouver. As any business it has gone through various iterations of growth, but since the early 1980’s has had one common thread throughout the last 40 years, and that thread is Mike Kyer, the owner of Metro Printers. Working his way up from the shop floor as an apprentice you’ll be hard pressed to find a print shop with a leader who has as much expertise in his craft, it all began with a knock on a back door of a print shop, with a young 15 year old island boy, in search of a job.

Key Moments

We thought you'd appreciate some of the other key and unique moments in the shops long history in Vancouver...

  • At the age of 15, Mike started from the bottom up and learned all there was to know about the shop floor and operating each piece of equipment from bindery to press.
  • The shop changed hands a few times, and Mike continued to be part of the journey, eventually taking over the operations and then ownership, changing the name to Metro Printers.
  • The shop was located in the downtown core until 2002 when it moved to a much larger and more convenient, location near 3rd & Main. Then, in 2017 moved again to Main and Marine Dr. Here, it was possible to start purchasing much larger and more technically advanced equipment and really start moving the company forward.
  • We’ve always had the customer in mind – in fact, one of our loyal customers approached us to try vegetable ink as he suffered from toxic chemical syndrome and was affected by traditional ink. This lead Mike to investigate not only soy inks, but what it would take to build an environmentally friendly print shop. Metro was thinking green well before it was on other people’s minds.