3D Printing

Need a prototype, replacement part or custom item? Have it fabricated at Metro with 3D printing technology.

Metro Printers has recently invested into the exciting and cutting edge world of 3D printing. We use this machine ourselves for creating replacement parts or custom items for around the shop. Now you too can leverage the power of 3D printing to fabricate your custom items.

3D printing is the most cost effective method of creating one-off, or prototyped items. If you can think up your design, we can make it. Printing can be done in a variety of colors and materials. If you don’t know how to create a .stl file for your project, our Prepress Operators are standing by to assist you in your project.

Printer Specifications:
  • 22x22x25cm Build Volume
  • Printing Accuracy: ±0.1mm
  • Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
  • PLA
  • PLA+
  • PETG
  • Red, Blue, Gold, Black, White, Grey
  • …and more, just ask!

PLA is the most common and cheapest printing material. Fully biodegradable and derived from sustainable resources. PLA is most useful in prototyping or one-off items. For a print with better structural integrity and durability, PLA+ is also a popular option. 

PETG is a material better suited for when you need something with integral strength. This filament is durable and heat resistant with UV and chemical resistances. This material is also recyclable. A good choice for a durable prototype or short-run item/replacement part.

Anything You Can Dream Up, We Can Print - In-House!

With a full range of services under one roof, you can rest assured that when you bring a job to Metro Printers it stays with us. We built the company that way, so that clients with high end jobs can be confident that details aren’t lost in translation as a job moves from one shop to another.

Our team is here to work with you in the beginning stages of a project – to help you determine what’s possible and what technical aspects need to happen to produce a job that meets your vision and expectations.

As your projects go from conceptualization, to design, to pre-press production and finally onto the press we can answer any questions you might have, or help find a solution if you get stuck. The added benefit of having a dedicated print team and a job that is handled by one supplier is that if a project isn’t turning out just the way you wanted it, we can catch it before it’s too late. Our team has the knowledge and skills to adjust things on the fly so the end result is something that really wows your clients.