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Question:   How do I make a clean PDF?
Answer:   You must have a full version of Acrobat Professional installed on your computer, then, launch Acrobat distiller & under preferences (MAC) or properties (WINDOWS) make sure that all fonts are embedded, subsetting fonts are to be unchecked.

That's it! Now print your file as you would normally, but this time save your file as a (PS) file (MAC) or a (PRN) (WINDOWS), after doing so, take that PS/PRN file and drop that on to the distiller program and it'll make your PDF!
Question:   Why is the finished product not as bright as my screen?
Answer:   Your computer screen produces the colours that you see using Red, Green & Blue phosphors (CRT screen), or Red, Green & Blue pixels (Flat Panel). When viewing on screen, you're viewing a transmissive light source, when viewing a printed piece of paper, you're viewing a reflective light source, which tends not to be as bright as your transmissive light source. In the commercial print industry, we use Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black to reproduce the colours you see on your Computer screen, which also can lead to "dull" looking colour. (see below)
Question:   Why doesn't your proof match the colour on my screen?
Answer:   Your screen may not be calibrated for correct colour representation. In the commercial print industry, we go to great lengths to calibrate our hardware, software and our presses so that we can assure the customer that the proof we present is identical to the printed copy. This way if the colour that you thought looked good on your screen doesn't translate well on paper, we can make the necessary adjustments before the final copy comes off our presses!

Contact Mike today and we will be happy to give you an estimate to get started. Let's get printing!

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